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Link to a forum : Yahoo Domain Warning

Sep. 28 2006 (12 posts)

First comment from this forum :

" I am writing this in the hope that this will help others not get in the same jam that I did.. I took Yahoo up almost a year ago on getting a domain for $ 2.99. I thought I would grab my name and start building my business. That saying that you get what you pay for sure applies. I was never able to get to the 'control panel' but figured that at least I had it and that when the time was right I would start building my web site.
About a month ago since my domain expires Oct 11th I looked for a way to make sure that they wouldn't renew it. I sent them countless emails with no answer. When I followed their tutorials they said in order to close out your small business account to go to control panel and follow their instruction. This was not an option since I have never been able to access that.
After further investigation I found out that when you get a domain it is sent to Australia. Google's groups is full of lot's of people that have had the same experience as me.
Today I found out that they were trying to debit my checking for $ 9.95 for another year. No warning or emails at all.
Since a lot of us are just starting here that amount may not sound like much but they have no right to take our money. Any other bills we have we at least get a warning that our account will be debited. If I hadn't caught this I could have had an overdraft as I was not expecting this.
I feel if they are to offer this service than you should stand behind it. There newest feature is that you can talk to someone live to answer your question for the price of only $ 24.95. If they can't solve your problem they said then it is free.
Thankfully I have found someone reliable and have a domain and will be building a web site soon. Stick with the pros.
I hope this helps someone else before they get caught.

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