Saturday, November 17, 2007

Link to a forum : Anyone have experience with a Yahoo! Domain?

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" Hiya,

Here's the situation. A client owns a domain name purchased through yahoo! (It's one of those "register your domain for e-mail deals - $35 a year plan). You can easily have the domain redirect to any site.

Now, we've built a web site, set up the mail server and all of that jazz and I need to update the nameservers so it switches over. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how. The client DOES own the domain and it's registered through some registrar in Australia. When I go there, it says I need a key, but when I ask for that key, it says I've got to get it from the reseller who sold me the domain.

So, I've got my client's login info and I'm going around yahoo and I can't find diddly-squat on how to do it (not even a support e-mail address!). Does anyone have any expoerience with managing a domain registered with yahoo?


see this forum at :

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Link to a forum : Yahoo Domain Name Email Problem

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" I have two yahoo accounts set up on my iPhone.
1. Traditional Yahoo account:
2. Yahoo Domain Name account:

I receive email and can view folders. I can send from the traditional Yahoo account just fine. I use to be able to send from the Domain Name account, but I noticed a few days ago that when I send from the Domain Name account, it actually is being sent by my traditional yahoo account, even though I am replying or emailing from my domain name account.

I think this was working about 1 week ago. The only change I have noticed that could have cause this, is my Yahoo Domain Name account recently switched over to the New Yahoo Mail (no longer the Beta).

Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas on how to get my Yahoo Domain Name email to send from that email address? Thanks in advance."

Link to a forum : Anyone successfully hosting Yahoo domain elsewhere?

02-22-2006 (7 posts)
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" I have a domain registered with Yahoo - $2.97 a year was a great deal - so I locked it in for 3 years for what most others were charging for one. I put in the DH name servers in the Yahoo control panel and I was able to access the site and upload stuff to it with Transmit to the DH servers. So far, so good.

Now I got to upload some more and it gives me a password error in Transmit. I try to go to the domain using Camino and get the Yahoo "under construction" page.

I double checked in the Yahoo control panel and the DH name servers are still listed, but when I try to access the site I still get the Yahoo place holder page.

I want to host the site at DreamHost and I thought it was simply a matter of changing name servers like DH describes, but for some reason Yahoo keeps flipping me back to their "under construction" page.

I did a Google search and I am not the only one with this problem, but no one seems to have a solution. Since the domain is new, I cannot transfer it to DH yet. Yes, I can forward the domain, but I signed up to have Yahoo register my domain and that's all I want them to do.

Any ideas?"

Link to a forum : How to change nameservers for a Yahoo Domain

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"Just had a heck of a time doing this for a customer so thought it might be handy for people with domains registered at Yahoo and are trying to point them at another web host.

Go to:
Select 'Manage My Domains' from the top left of screen
then 'View Registry Key' towards the center of screen.

At the bottom of the resulting screen you'll fine the following:
INWW Registry Key: ********

This code (though Yahoo doesn't tell their customers), is a registry key for Internet Names Worldwide.
is where you edit the nameservers themselves. Log in using the domain name itself and that registry key listed above.

Once inside the control panel, select 'Delegation Details', and then update the Primary and Secondary Nameservers (Hostnames) as required.

Hit the 'Submit' button and you're done."

Monday, November 5, 2007

Link to a forum : Yahoo domain name registration, be careful, you may loose your domain name

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"This happened to me last year:

I registed a domain name with yahoo. I paid for 5 years.

After sometime, I bought a hosting plan from yahoo. Since I didn't like the hosting plan, I cancelled the plan.

Know what, yahoo cancelled my domain name also! I lost a domain name for which I had paid for 5 years.

Talked, Shouted, Cried - with yahoo support people! No use! Domain name remained cancelled! I had to pay again to get back the domain.

(Their stupid logic: They call a hosting plan as an upgrade of the domain plan. When you buy hosting, you upgrade domain name. So when you cancel hosting plan later, according to them, you cancel not only the hosting plan, but also the domain name associated with it)

Didn't expect such an idotic logic from a company like Yahoo."

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