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Link to a forum : Yahoo! Domain Renewals Increase to $34.95/year?

May 28,2008
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First Microsoft tries to buy Yahoo!, now Yahoo! raises their domain renewal rates.

Important note: Beginning on July 1, 2008, Yahoo!'s annual domain renewal price increases to $34.95 per year.

If this is accurate would this be considered Highway Robbery? Or do they think their customers are fools? Can they really justify that large an increase? Or are they just being greedy and hope their customers don't Google for

Apparently the above quote was sent by email to people who have their domains registered with Yahoo! I'm not one of them. But I just visited their site and they make absolutely no mention of the increase. They do have a plan that has domain name plus email for $34.95 a year

So if this is true, this is truly a smack in the face to a lot of people who use Yahoo! to host their domain. (Can you say mass exodus?) If it's not true, sorry to waste your time Smiling ."

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Link to a forum : Canceling my Yahoo! domain registration

June 24,2008 (7 posts)
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I just got an email from Yahoo! saying my service will be renewed sometime in July, etc. I don't want to renew my domain. The only thing I purchased from Yahoo! is the domain name itself... someone else hosted it for me. Is this what I need to do in order to cancel everything?

P.S. Just wondering... why will my information become public on the WHOIS database after canceling?"

Link to a forum : Yahoo Domain Fees Rise!

July 1,2008
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From July 1st, users that have domains registered with Yahoo Small Business, will see their fee jump from $9.95 to $34.95.

The news came in form of e-mail for anyone who has registered a domain with Yahoo Small Business, and a Yahoo representative told CNET Friday that the e-mails have been sent 90 days, 60 days, and 30 days before users were set to renew their domain registration.

But some blogs are expressing dismay at the price increase, which is three and a half times what domain owners have paid in past years.

Yahoo LogoYahoo said the $25 price increase is primarily being instituted to match the cost of doing business, and that registering domains--the process of creating a new Web address--can cost even more with other Web sites.

However, other competitors have much lower prices, including or Google Apps, both of which charge annual fees of around $10.

Since domain registration is not the core of Yahoo's small-business site, the company said its prices can not be as low as those of sites that focus on registering domains.

Low domain registration fees, though, can be a foot in the door to coax customers to upgrade to more profitable services.

According to Yahoo, new domain registrations will still only cost $9.95 and after a year, the fee will go up to $34.95."

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Article : Yahoo Domains: A Simple Web Site Solution

By Tad Cronn

Having put up more than a few Web sites myself, one of the easiest ways I've found to get your domains set up and running is to simply go through Yahoo.

Yahoo will register your domains' names for under $10 a year, though as of this writing, Yahoo is having a sale on domains for $2.99 per year. That's a lot cheaper than some registrars I've seen that are still trying to charge $20 or more just for domains.

Once you get your domain registered, you still need to host it somewhere. Again, Yahoo has a simple answer, or several simple answers, in its Geocities service. You can plunk down your domains for free at Yahoo Geocities, but you'll have ads. For a nominal fee ($4.95 per month) you can get 500 MB storage and 25 GB per month transfer -- that's more than enough for most starter sites.

If you host your domains through Yahoo Geocities, you'll get plenty of tools to help you design and manage your site, enough to do just about anything legal you might want to do on the Net.

You'll have access to Yahoo web page templates as well as a point-and-click designer, in addition to the ability to manually play with your domains' HTML.

Yahoo also gives you choices for uploading, using their easy upload manager or the more traditional FTP for large sites. E-mail is part of the package.

A recent addition to the Yahoo Geocities tools is the ability to start and manage a blog on your domains.

All in all, registering and hosting your domains through Yahoo is an easy solution for a home user or small business.

source :

Friday, March 21, 2008

Article : Protect Your Domain Name

By: Dave Starner

Imagine you’re the owner of a successful Web site, but when you logon one day all you get is an error message. Or worse yet, the domain name now points to a site full of advertisements. That’s right. You’re out of business.

This happens every day because of a perfectly legitimate process known as “drop catching,” where people quickly snag the domain names owners have let expire and try to resell them or use the links associated with the names, which could be extensive, to create Web sites loaded with advertisements. You can easily avoid becoming a victim of a drop catcher by better understanding how the domain registration system works to protect your domain name.

Your Web site, with all the content you have so painstakingly added, sits on a computer with a unique address called an IP address, which is simply a series of numbers. A domain name is an address forwarding service that directs visitors to the site using this IP address. Domain names are used instead of numbers because most people find it easier to remember a name rather than a bunch of numbers. It’s as if you could dial your friend’s name into the telephone instead of his phone number.

You can purchase a domain name by registering it with a provider of domain services such as , the largest on the Web, or any number of other registrars. The name can be registered for just one year, for about $10, or for as long as ten years, for around $80. Many register for only one year because it’s cheaper, or they only want the site for a limited time.

At the end of the year, the registrar usually sends an email renewal notice to the owner. If the owner doesn’t respond to the renewal notice, the domain name will eventually be made available for purchase by someone else. Roughly 20,000 domain names become available every day because the owners allowed them to expire, or the owners didn’t realize that their domain name was up for renewal

According to the rules established by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers(ICANN), domain registrars have 45 days after the expiration date to notify the owner that their domain name is going to be dropped from the registry. If the name is dropped, the guidelines then call for a 30-day grace period during which the owner can still claim the name. After this grace period and then another five-day holding period, the name is dropped from the registry and anyone can claim it.

Since 2004, however, a number of domain service providers, starting with, have created an auction process for expired names which bypasses the original drop process and makes the names available in as little as thirty days. begins the auction process even before the names have officially expired, although it does warn the auction participants that the owner could still claim their name.

These providers of domain services each have tools on their sites to make it easier to grab expired names. They provide constantly updated lists of expired names, various auction services, search engines, and other free tools for anyone to quickly and easily find available domain names. Some sites also offer software for sale that further simplifies the search for expired and soon to be expired names.

With the surge in online advertising, drop catchers will continue to seek out domain names from sites with good traffic, anxious to exploit the established links. Protect your site and your business by checking the expiration date of your domain name. Relying on the registrar to send a renewal notice that could easily be sent to an old email address or get lost in the spam catcher, could cost you years of hard work.

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Link to a forum : Yahoo Domain & IP

Feb 2007 (3 posts)
First post of this forum :

Alright I have a few problams.

Question 1

First off what is * IP? because the one that shows in the Admin CP links me to a page that says "Server 1" and when I PING server 30 for it's IP the IP it gives me takes me to a page that says "Sever 15" so what is * IP address (see IPs I have used below):

a) (Ip given in Admin CP)- loads a page for server 1
b) (Pinged IP for server 30)- loads a page for server 15

Question 2

How do I set my domain up with Yahoo?

I mean I am not transfering it so don't suggest that as I am not open to it. I added both IP address and waited 24 hrs each time and when I go to my address/doamin each IP address took me to some forumer page for servers (1 & 15).

Not to mention Step 2 never showed up in the Admin CP even after waiting 48hrs.

This is a big issue for me because I like editing the HTMl rather then the Board Wrappers; but Invision_Free makes setting up a domain way more faster and simpler. I have had no luck with forumer and all support topics already made for Yahoo domains are not helpfule for 2 reasons:

a) No one helped the person
b) No one gave them an exact answer to their question

You can go to my domain which right now uses the IP address: and see that it takes you to a usless page: www.emina*******

Thanks for any help that will help!!"

Sunday, February 3, 2008

PC Magazine says : “Domain registration through Yahoo! Small Business is the easiest.”

PC Magazine says : “Domain registration through Yahoo! Small Business is the easiest.”

What Do You Thing About Yahoo Domain Service ? Please comment.

Link to a forum : Yahoo domain name registration, be careful, you may loose your domain name

07-02-2007 (6 posts)
First comment from this forum :

"This happened to me last year:

I registed a domain name with yahoo. I paid for 5 years.

After sometime, I bought a hosting plan from yahoo. Since I didn't like the hosting plan, I cancelled the plan.

Know what, yahoo cancelled my domain name also! I lost a domain name for which I had paid for 5 years.

Talked, Shouted, Cried - with yahoo support people! No use! Domain name remained cancelled! I had to pay again to get back the domain.

(Their stupid logic: They call a hosting plan as an upgrade of the domain plan. When you buy hosting, you upgrade domain name. So when you cancel hosting plan later, according to them, you cancel not only the hosting plan, but also the domain name associated with it)

Didn't expect such an idotic logic from a company like Yahoo."

Link to a forum : Anyone successfully hosting Yahoo domain elsewhere?

02-22-2006 (7 posts)
First comment from this forum :

" I have a domain registered with Yahoo - $2.97 a year was a great deal - so I locked it in for 3 years for what most others were charging for one. I put in the DH name servers in the Yahoo control panel and I was able to access the site and upload stuff to it with Transmit to the DH servers. So far, so good.

Now I got to upload some more and it gives me a password error in Transmit. I try to go to the domain using Camino and get the Yahoo "under construction" page.

I double checked in the Yahoo control panel and the DH name servers are still listed, but when I try to access the site I still get the Yahoo place holder page.

I want to host the site at DreamHost and I thought it was simply a matter of changing name servers like DH describes, but for some reason Yahoo keeps flipping me back to their "under construction" page.

I did a Google search and I am not the only one with this problem, but no one seems to have a solution. Since the domain is new, I cannot transfer it to DH yet. Yes, I can forward the domain, but I signed up to have Yahoo register my domain and that's all I want them to do.

Any ideas?"

Monday, January 14, 2008

Link to a forum : Yahoo Domain, having problems

Dec 19 2005

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"A while back I got the domain name with yahoo. I bought and setup the domain to be forwarded to some webspace my ISP gives me and then I loged out.

I recently wanted to changed it from being forwarded to my webspace to a server I had setup localy.
I find out I cannot login, I knew I did not have any email from yahoo when I made the account so I knew something was up. I tried doing a password recovery but it told me my account has been diactivated noexpression.gif
I was really wondering why I did not get a single email from yahoo, I did a Whois lookup on my domain and the email address is insted of

I go and try and sign up again to see why I might of miss typed my email and it only asks for your email once no confirmation noexpression.gif. I always type my email right and the confirimation usualy just bugs me if anything but everyone has it.

Now I have no idea how to get into my setup for the domain because my account is diactivated because of my never confirming it because I had a typo on my email. I have looked all over their site for a phone # to contact to get this fixed and cannot find one only ones about sales noexpression.gif. All the Q and A on the website tells me retarted info like "passwords are case sensitive please rember that when entering your password". That's not exactly what it said but useless help info for me. I have e-mailed them and I get the Q and A copied and pasted into an email noexpression.gif.

Please help me out if you have any ideas to get my account back or even get yahoo to remove my domain so I can register it with someone else. A good phone # to conatact yahoo would be great. Thank you!"

see this forum at :

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Link to a forum : Yahoo's domain name offer

01-14-2007 (7 posts)

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Little do we know that Yahoo comes up with a regular $1.99 domain name promo regularly. If you pay via credit card, there is service fee of around $1 I think. But that is still cheap compared to the prevailing domain rate."

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Link to a forum : Yahoo Domain Warning

Sep. 28 2006 (12 posts)

First comment from this forum :

" I am writing this in the hope that this will help others not get in the same jam that I did.. I took Yahoo up almost a year ago on getting a domain for $ 2.99. I thought I would grab my name and start building my business. That saying that you get what you pay for sure applies. I was never able to get to the 'control panel' but figured that at least I had it and that when the time was right I would start building my web site.
About a month ago since my domain expires Oct 11th I looked for a way to make sure that they wouldn't renew it. I sent them countless emails with no answer. When I followed their tutorials they said in order to close out your small business account to go to control panel and follow their instruction. This was not an option since I have never been able to access that.
After further investigation I found out that when you get a domain it is sent to Australia. Google's groups is full of lot's of people that have had the same experience as me.
Today I found out that they were trying to debit my checking for $ 9.95 for another year. No warning or emails at all.
Since a lot of us are just starting here that amount may not sound like much but they have no right to take our money. Any other bills we have we at least get a warning that our account will be debited. If I hadn't caught this I could have had an overdraft as I was not expecting this.
I feel if they are to offer this service than you should stand behind it. There newest feature is that you can talk to someone live to answer your question for the price of only $ 24.95. If they can't solve your problem they said then it is free.
Thankfully I have found someone reliable and have a domain and will be building a web site soon. Stick with the pros.
I hope this helps someone else before they get caught.

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Link to a forum : Be careful with YAHOO DOMAIN.. they are cheating!!!

Oct 27th, 2005 (21 posts)

First comment from this forum :

Hi everybody,

Please be careful when you purchase a NEW DOMAIN from YAHOO. On their small business and Domain sale place they announced that there is 24 hours technical support but sorry to say that there is no any help from them.

Here is my problem, recently I bought a Domain Name from Yahoo, but I cannot access by Domain Control Panel. I can see my domain has been registered in, I send yahoo Domain Tech Guys so many emails, no any response (and all they have is bullshit online form, which I think they never look at) After long struggle, I managed to find their phone number (USA) and called them, but again same *******-- voice mail at other side.

I am in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but there is no any local support in this region.

so BECAREFUL guys!!"

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