Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How can I access my Yahoo domain?

Question: "I purchased a domain from yahoo last year but can't see the basic website anymore. I can't remember how to access and manage my yahoo domain name. There is no direction on their website either. Thanks for your help in advance :)"

Answer: "You'll have to log into your domain control panel to access and manage your yahoo domain.

1. Sign in to your Business Control Panel.URL: (If you have not yet signed in with your Yahoo! ID and password, you'll be prompted to do so here.)
2. Once signed in, you will see modules for each of your domain names on the "Manage My Services" page. Select the "Domain Control Panel" link that corresponds to the domain whose record you wish to edit."

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Article : How do I transfer my domain to a new registrar?

If you'd like to transfer your domain away from Yahoo!, we strongly recommend transferring your domain before you cancel. (Trust us, this will save you headaches in the long run.)

If you're ready to transfer your domain:

  1. Verify that at least 60 days have passed since you registered or last transferred your domain.
    In accordance with ICANN rules, you cannot transfer your domain to another provider until 60 days after you register or transfer your domain.
  2. Make sure your domain is unlocked.
    For your security, locked domains cannot be transferred. If your domain is locked, visit your Domain Control Panel and click the Edit Domain Locking link. Learn more.
  3. Check your administrative contact email address.
    Your new provider will send an email to your domain administrative contact to confirm your domain transfer. If you can't receive the confirmation, you won't be able to complete the transfer! Learn how to update your contact information.
  4. Disable Private Domain Registration.
    Private Domain Registration is an optional service that masks personal information that would otherwise be visible in the public WHOIS registry — information that includes the administrative contact email address mentioned above. To ensure you receive your new provider's email, we recommend that you disable this feature. Learn how to disable Private Domain Registration.
  5. Get your authorization code.
    To find your authorization code, head to your Domain Control Panel, and click the View Your Authorization Code link. On the following page, you'll see your unique domain authorization code. Print this code, as you'll need it to give to your new provider. Learn more.
  6. Contact your new provider.
    When you're ready, contact your new provider to begin the transfer process. Be sure to have your authorization code handy, as your new provider will need it to verify the move. If you have made any changes in steps 2–4 above, we recommend you wait at least 24 hours before contacting your new provider; this will allow time for your updates to be recognized.
  7. Cancel your plan.
    Once your transfer is complete, we'll send you an email confirming the transfer (you can also check this status with your new provider — it should take about nine days). When you receive this confirmation, you may cancel your plan. Note that Yahoo! does not automatically cancel your service when you transfer your domain.

Note: Some hosting providers cannot manage domain registrations. If you'd still like to use your domain with this kind of provider, you can redirect, or redelegate, your Yahoo! name servers to point to that provider. In this case, do not cancel your plan, as you'll need it to continue managing your domain through Yahoo!; instead you may downgrade to a Yahoo! Domains plan.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Article : Advantages of Yahoo Domain Registration

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By Alex Johnson

When it comes to domain name registration, you'll never run short on choices. Domain registrars all differ in many respects, including their cost, features, customer service, and other factors. Yahoo Domains is one of the most popular registrars in the world because it offers many advantages and unique features.

Using Yahoo Domains, you can register as many names as you like. When it's time to add content, they will help you set up your site from scratch in simple and easy steps. There are site builders and tutorials available to walk you through the whole process of setting up a site, regardless of your previous knowledge of web design.

Not all registrars offer all domain extensions, such as .info., tv., .name, .fm, and others. Yahoo Domains offers all currently available domain extensions. While currently unregistered domain names can be registered for $9.95 annually, you can also register premium domain names at varying costs. Premium domains include domain names that are high value, and owned by a reseller who makes them available through brokers such as Yahoo.

Since Yahoo is one of the most established names on the Internet, and provides a number of unique and robust technologies to users, you can be confident that they can be a comprehensive, full service solution for your business needs - from domain registration to search engine marketing ad campaigns.

If you are looking for a reliable domain name registration service equipped with important, valuable features, and trusted customer service, Yahoo Domains is a perfect choice.

If you're interested in learning more about how to compare domain registrars, or Yahoo Domains the author recommends Small Business Domain.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Article : Why the Domain Yahoo is so Popular

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Posted: Jun 27, 2008

The domain yahoo is one of the most popular in the world and it has become a market leader by providing the much needed access to many services for the customers. The first thing you can benefit from it is the establishment of an email ID which will go long way in launching you into a world where communication can happens with ease. You can open your communication links through the yahoo messenger and other benefits are having your own space for albums and have your file storage in which you can review them from any place. You can get a domain from yahoo and begin the process of having your own web site.

The domain name yahoo has therefore brought and continues to bring a world of difference by providing the free services. Through domain yahoo you will get to see all the products that provided and above the mentioned products are yahoo widgets, yahoo travel, yahoo tool bar, yahoo small business, yahoo shopping, yahoo search, yahoo real estate, yahoo photos, yahoo music, yahoo mobile, yahoo message board, yahoo local, yahoo groups, yahoo finance, yahoo bookmarks, yahoo autos, yahoo 360 and so many other products. Yahoo also provides another vital service pertaining to domains. Domain locking is the prevention of unauthorized transfers to another registrar. Domains that are registered through yahoo can access this service. ...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Article : Yahoo domain review

03, 2009 04:24:10 PM Author: molly

Yahoo is one of the leading internet enterprises which have lot to give to its users. People who are working on the yahoo products are much satisfied as it is very reliable and secure domain. I by myself is using yahoo domain for small business purpose from many years and I am very much satisfied with the performance of yahoo. When I chose my yahoo domain, there were only few registered domains at that time and it was hard for me to select the best among them because rests of all are not far behinds the yahoo.

But now the scope of these domains are not limited and there are various domains which are working now days for the same purpose but in my opinion no other domain is providing better facilities still now as compare to yahoo domain.

The best thing that forced me to select domain of yahoo is that it is well recognized more than a decade and people are getting advantages of different other products or services of yahoo. Yahoo has the well repute in the market and if you are using domain of yahoo for your website or other online purpose, it increases your demand in the online market. The best part of my domain is that it is very easy to handle the website and its setting using yahoo. The web settings are easy and work effectively when you want to run the website. Domain of yahoo was once free for anyone but now they are charging some dollars which are still not too much and if you want to earn good money, you have to pay for the registered domain on yahoo.

This domain is very good for small businesses and more people trust you when you present yourself in the online market by using the name of yahoo which is the world recognized online enterprise. Another advantage of using the domain of yahoo is its availability for twenty four hours a day and seven days a week which means that they have replica servers and if one server is down, the other servers hold your data and the users and stakeholders did not found any problem related to the services of yahoo. For getting domain of yahoo, you only have to pay ten bucks a year and you can use it any way you like to run your online business. You can also make your own settings and themes with the help of yahoo settings and even you can set your privacy by using this domain.

If you are looking for the domain for starting a new online business and you want a registered domain for more security and more benefits, you can give yahoo a try because it is well recognized and well-known web enterprise which is providing almost all internet facilities to the users. So you can also be the part of yahoo by spending some money and start earning money using the best domain of internet.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Article : "My Personal Experience With Yahoo Domains "

By Gabriel J. Adams , ezine articles

I have been using Yahoo Domains (through Yahoo Small Business) for several years now, and I have to say that I am very satisfied with my experience with Yahoo. At the time that I chose my domain, there were only a few reputable registrars on the market, and I have seen many either spring up or become more popular since then (such as GoDaddy, for example).

One thing that is great about choosing Yahoo to register a domain is that they have been in business for over a decade with their search engine and other great products to service not only average consumers, but also small businesses and big businesses alike. Because they have a reputation for quality, it's easy to trust them as a domain registrar.

The thing I really like about Yahoo personally is that you can register your domain and maintain other aspects of your site's setup easily and effectively. To make things more enticing, Yahoo provides excellent 24/7 customer service and support, so you are never left in a lurch should you encounter any questions or problems.

Getting my domain was easy and straight-forward. I simply created my Yahoo Small Business account, searched for the domain that I was interested in securing - and it was available so I purchased it! For only like 10 bucks a year, you really can't go wrong. That may be a bit more than some of the competition but Yahoo makes it worthwhile with their additional services and features that they include with registering your domain through them.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Link to a forum : "Pointing Domain from Yahoo to Go Daddy Servers"

Jul 31, 2008
First post of this forum :


I have a customer who registered his domain name with yahoo he now wants to point that domain to a hosting account that I have started for him at GoDaddy. Should be simple but it has been anything but.

He has emailed Yahoo several times with no response, he has called their tech-line only to be told he needs to email them instead. We finally figured out through GoDaddy that Yahoo registers through Melbourne IT. He has tryed calling Melbourne they are in turn asking for a 12 digit registration number that my customer does not have. Melbourne told him he needs to get this from Yahoo, Yahoo says they do not give registration numbers out. This leaves my customer with only 2 options, either register a brand-new domain through GoDaddy or go with Yahoo for hosting.

Has anyone else experienced this? Did you ever finally get through and get things transfered?

Any advice on this would be appreciated.


Article : Yahoo Domain

Wednesday, 24 March 2010 20:13,

Yahoo hosting is as little as $7/month -- throw in a free domain registration and this is an extremely good deal. These types of free registrations with hosting are a great way to buy additional descriptive and long tail keyword domains to point to your core business website. By throwing extra weight to your main site or domain name, you are setting yourself up for a very low cost marketing strategy of your brand. Also, by obtaining all of the domains that are similar to your core brand, you are eliminating the chance for any of your competitors to offer a confusingly similar product or service. Try Yahoo domains to increase and round out your online assets.

The well-known Internet portal Yahoo! has joined the domain name business. The company now offers domain name registration services through its Yahoo! Small Business division. This sector of Yahoo is devoted to helping entrepreneurs get their businesses up and running by providing assistance like recruiting services, marketing tools and web hosting. The next reasonable step is to offer branded Yahoo domain registration. It’s another tool which will help business establish an online presence.
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