Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Link to a forum : Canceling my Yahoo! domain registration

June 24,2008 (7 posts)
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I just got an email from Yahoo! saying my service will be renewed sometime in July, etc. I don't want to renew my domain. The only thing I purchased from Yahoo! is the domain name itself... someone else hosted it for me. Is this what I need to do in order to cancel everything?

P.S. Just wondering... why will my information become public on the WHOIS database after canceling?"

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  1. I got the same email yesterday(Christmas Eve). It is absolutely ridiculous to pay $35 for a domain name. Lucky for me my name is not going to be wanted by anyone, so I suspect I will be able to register it at a later date through Go-Daddy.com or some other company. Yahoo is completely ripping people off. I am a Web software developer and will NOT recommend anyone buying a domain name through Yahoo.


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