Thursday, April 1, 2010

Link to a forum : "Pointing Domain from Yahoo to Go Daddy Servers"

Jul 31, 2008
First post of this forum :


I have a customer who registered his domain name with yahoo he now wants to point that domain to a hosting account that I have started for him at GoDaddy. Should be simple but it has been anything but.

He has emailed Yahoo several times with no response, he has called their tech-line only to be told he needs to email them instead. We finally figured out through GoDaddy that Yahoo registers through Melbourne IT. He has tryed calling Melbourne they are in turn asking for a 12 digit registration number that my customer does not have. Melbourne told him he needs to get this from Yahoo, Yahoo says they do not give registration numbers out. This leaves my customer with only 2 options, either register a brand-new domain through GoDaddy or go with Yahoo for hosting.

Has anyone else experienced this? Did you ever finally get through and get things transfered?

Any advice on this would be appreciated.


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