Saturday, November 10, 2007

Link to a forum : How to change nameservers for a Yahoo Domain

First comment from this forum :

"Just had a heck of a time doing this for a customer so thought it might be handy for people with domains registered at Yahoo and are trying to point them at another web host.

Go to:
Select 'Manage My Domains' from the top left of screen
then 'View Registry Key' towards the center of screen.

At the bottom of the resulting screen you'll fine the following:
INWW Registry Key: ********

This code (though Yahoo doesn't tell their customers), is a registry key for Internet Names Worldwide.
is where you edit the nameservers themselves. Log in using the domain name itself and that registry key listed above.

Once inside the control panel, select 'Delegation Details', and then update the Primary and Secondary Nameservers (Hostnames) as required.

Hit the 'Submit' button and you're done."

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