Saturday, November 17, 2007

Link to a forum : Anyone have experience with a Yahoo! Domain?

First comment from this forum :

" Hiya,

Here's the situation. A client owns a domain name purchased through yahoo! (It's one of those "register your domain for e-mail deals - $35 a year plan). You can easily have the domain redirect to any site.

Now, we've built a web site, set up the mail server and all of that jazz and I need to update the nameservers so it switches over. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how. The client DOES own the domain and it's registered through some registrar in Australia. When I go there, it says I need a key, but when I ask for that key, it says I've got to get it from the reseller who sold me the domain.

So, I've got my client's login info and I'm going around yahoo and I can't find diddly-squat on how to do it (not even a support e-mail address!). Does anyone have any expoerience with managing a domain registered with yahoo?


see this forum at :

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